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Austin city, Texas
Nickname(s):Live Music Capital of the World, Silicon Hills
Incorporated:December 27, 1839
- Total:790.390 (2010)
- Density:2.643,4/sq mi (1.023,8/sq km)
Area code(s):512
Time zone:CST (UTC-6)
Summer Time zone:CDT (UTC-5)
- Total:306 sq mi (791 sq km)
- Land:299 sq mi (772 sq km)
- Water:8 sq mi (19 sq km)
- % water:2,40 %

Quick information summary of the Austin city area.

Austin city is located in the state of Texas. It occupies the area of 306 square miles. 8 square miles are water areas and 299 square miles remain for land areas. Center of the Austin city lies at +30.3071816, -097.7559964 coordinates. According to the 2010 Census, there are 790.390 living in the Austin city. The racial makeup shows these 3 races as the most frequent : White (68.29%), Some Other Race (12.93%) and Black or African American (8.15%). Median age is 31 for the males and 31 for the females.

Austin is the capital of Texas and the seat of Travis County. It is the fourth-largest city in the state and the thirteen-largest city in the USA. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, it has a population of 820,611. The residents of the city are called Austinites.

Austin is often called “Live Music Capital of the World,” in reference to many music venues and live shows in the city, as well as the Austin City Limits series. Because of the large number of technology companies in the city area, one of the nicknames for the city is also “Silicon Hills.”

The unofficial slogan of the city is “Keep Austin Weird,” referring to the efforts of the locals to maintain the liberal and eclectic spirit of the city.

Austin is located on the Colorado River and lies in the Central Time Zone (UTC-6).

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Statistical data for the Austin city based on the 2010 U.S. Census

Racial makeup

White alone
539,76068.29 %
Black or African American alone
64,4068.15 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
6,9010.87 %
Asian alone
49,8646.31 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
5290.07 %
Some Other Race alone
102,20412.93 %
Two or More races
26,7263.38 %

Profile of the Austin city

History of Austin

The first European explorers in the area of present-day Austin were Spanish, who passed through in 1530 in hopes of finding gold. However, instead of gold, they found Native American tribes who were hostile to them, to say the least, and the explorers’ reports of the viciousness they encountered had prevented new expeditions and colonizations, at least for a while. Still, Spain claimed the territory and held onto it until 1821, when Mexico became independent.

The earliest settlement in the area was located on the north bank of the Colorado River. It was called Waterloo and it was founded in 1835. In 1839, Waterloo was considered for the state capital because of its favorable position and good climate, and the same year it was incorporated as Austin, named after “Father of Texas” Stephen F. Austin. Texas was annexed by the USA in 1845 and Austin remained the capital.

In the 1850, when America was divided between Union and Confederate supporters, Texas was polarized between the two but also with a third option- the independent Republic of Texas. Even though Austin residents were generally pro-Union, Texas voted for secession and sided with the South. During the Civil War, Austin provided arms and ammunitions and served as a base for the Austin City Light Infantry and Terry’s Texas Rangers. The Reconstruction period after the war was a period of prosperity for Austin, especially after the completion of Houston and Texas Central Railroad in 1871 and of the International-Great Northern in 1876.

University of Texas at Austin was founded in 1883 and provided additional boost to the city. The university became particularly rich and prestigious after the discovery of oil in 1924 on its grounds. The university also made Austin a bit more cosmopolitan than other cities in Texas, making it a center of tolerance, liberalism and arts and creating a base for the high-tech industry that would later boom in the city.

Austin was hit by the recession in the 2000, especially the technology sector. The recent initiatives are aiming to make Austin rely less on high-tech companies and to diversify its economy.

Geography and Climate

Austin is located in central Texas, along the Balcones Escarpment and I-35. It is situated on the Colorado River and has three artificial lakes: Lady Bird Lake, Lake Austin and Lake Walter E. Long. The eastern sections of the city are generally flat, while the ones to the west, at the edge of Texas Hill Country, consist of gently rolling hills. Austin occupies an area of 258.43 square miles. The lowest point in the city is 425 feet above sea level and the highest one is 1,000 feet at the northwestern hills.

The climate is humid subtropical, with an average of 300 days of summer. Summers are hot and humid and winters are generally mild. Snowfall is not frequent.


According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the racial makeup in Austin is 48.7% non-Hispanic White, 35.1% Hispanic or Latino, 8.1% African American, 6.3% Asian, 0.9% Native American, 0.1% Pacific Islander and 3.4% two or more races.

The median household income is $42,689 and the per capita income for the city is $24,163.

Economy and Business

The largest employers in Austin are Austin Independent School District, the City of Austin, Dell, the federal and state government, Freescale Semiconductor, IBM, St. David’s Healthcare Partnership, Texas State University-San Marcos and University of Texas at Austin.

The city has a very large number of technology companies, most notably Google, Nvidia, Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Cisco Systems, Oracle, Xerox, Samsung and many more. Some of the major companies based in Austin include Whole Foods Market, Temple-Inland, Golfsmith, EZCorp and others.

Culture and Attractions

Austin has a very strong music scene, both mainstream and independent. It has more music venues per capita than any other city. It is home of the South by Southwest Festival, Austin City Limits Music Festival, Chaos in Tejas, Fun Fun Fun Fest, Old Settler’s Music Festival, Austin Lyric Opera and Austin Symphony Orchestra. It also hosts the influential Austin Film Festival.

The city also has a thriving theater culture, with venues and companies such as Zachary Scott Theatre Center, Rude Mechanicals’ the Off Center, Salvage Vanguard Theater, Esther’s Follies, Victory Grill, The New Movement Theater, Long Center for Performing Arts and Ballet Austin.

Other points of interest in the city include Texas Memorial Museum, Blanton Museum of Art, Austin Museum of Art, Texas State Capitol, South Austin Museum of Popular Culture, Mexic-Arte Museum, as well as a number of unusual landmarks, such as Daniel Johnston’s frog mural, the statue of Stevie Ray Vaughan, the Mangia dinosaur and the Hyde Park Bar and Grill fork.

Austin is famous for its “Violet Crown,” a violet glow over the hills just after sunset.


In 2008, Austin was ranked 16th most literate city in the USA and has been voted “America’s No.1 College Town” by the Travel Channel. The city is home to the University of Texas at Austin, which ranked 13th among public universities in the USA in 2010. Other institutions include Austin Community College, St. Edward’s University, Concordia University, Huston-Tillotson University, the Seminary of the Southwest, The Art Institute of Austin, and others.


Austin is the largest city in the USA without a team in a major professional sports league. However, college sports are big in the city and many residents support the Texas Longhorns of the University of Texas at Austin.


Austin is also the largest city in the USA with only one interstate highway, the I-35. Other major highways in the city area include Mopac Expressway, U.S. Highway 183, U.S. Highway 290, State Highway 71 and the scenic Loop 360 which runs through the hill country and includes the famous Pennybacker Bridge over Lake Austin.

The city is served by Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Intercity bus service is provided by Greyhound and Megabus and passenger rail service is available through Amtrak’s Texas Eagle line.

Capital Metro provides public transportation, mostly by bus, but also, since 2010, by commuter rail system called Capital MetroRail.

Statistical data for the Austin city

Data Source : US Census Bureau

Racial makeup

White alone
539,76068.29 %
Black or African American alone
64,4068.15 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
6,9010.87 %
Asian alone
49,8646.31 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
5290.07 %
Some Other Race alone
102,20412.93 %
Two or More races
26,7263.38 %

Hispanic or Latino Origin

Not Hispanic or Latino
512,68364.86 %
Hispanic or Latino
277,70735.14 %

Hispanic or Latino Origin by Race

Not Hispanic or Latino
512,68364.86 %
White alone
385,27175.15 %
Black or African American alone
60,76011.85 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
1,9670.38 %
Asian alone
49,1599.59 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
4010.08 %
Some Other Race alone
1,4480.28 %
Two or More races
13,6772.67 %
Hispanic or Latino
277,70735.14 %
White alone
154,48955.63 %
Black or African American alone
3,6461.31 %
American Indian and Alaska Native alone
4,9341.78 %
Asian alone
7050.25 %
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone
1280.05 %
Some Other Race alone
100,75636.28 %
Two or More races
13,0494.70 %

Median Age by Sex

Both sexes

Household Type

Family households
168,58251.89 %
Husband-wife family
117,76869.86 %
Other family
50,81430.14 %
Male householder, no wife present
15,10029.72 %
Female householder, no husband present
35,71470.28 %
Nonfamily households
156,31048.11 %
Householder living alone
110,48170.68 %
Householder not living alone
45,82929.32 %

Geographical and Cultural Features and Landmarks in the Austin city - including Historical Features

Distance is calculated from the Austin city center coordinates

Distance limit:

Random list of Geographic Features located within the radius of 3 miles from the Austin city center


  • Robert Mueller Municipal Airport [3.28 mi] [5.27 km]


  • Keith House [1.12 mi] [1.8 km]
  • Woltman Center [2.27 mi] [3.65 km]
  • Speedway Parking Garage [1.58 mi] [2.54 km]
  • Twenty Seventh Street Parking Garage [1.51 mi] [2.43 km]
  • Founders Library [2.23 mi] [3.59 km]
  • Kramer Hall [2.24 mi] [3.6 km]
  • Peter Center [2.18 mi] [3.51 km]
  • Hirschi Hall [2.24 mi] [3.61 km]
  • Studtmann Hall [2.2 mi] [3.54 km]
  • Scottish Rite Dormitory [1.42 mi] [2.28 km]
  • Beto Academic Center [2.28 mi] [3.68 km]
  • Travis County Emergency Services District 9 Station 1 [2.66 mi] [4.29 km]
  • Kilian Hall [2.23 mi] [3.59 km]
  • Behnken Hall [2.27 mi] [3.66 km]
  • Bokenkamp Student Center [2.2 mi] [3.54 km]
  • Rather House [1.67 mi] [2.69 km]
  • Texas Hall [2.24 mi] [3.6 km]
  • Austin Fire Department Station 3 [1.34 mi] [2.16 km]
  • Austin Fire Department Station 10 [1.05 mi] [1.69 km]
  • Austin Fire Station Number 3 [1.18 mi] [1.91 km]
  • Howson Branch Austin City Library [0.93 mi] [1.5 km]
  • Austin Fire Department Station 14 [2.84 mi] [4.57 km]
  • Arthur N and Jane Y McCallum House [1.02 mi] [1.65 km]
  • Herbert and Alice Bohn House [0.58 mi] [0.93 km]
  • Colonel Monroe M Shipe House [1.53 mi] [2.46 km]
  • Will C and Mae Lindamood Duplex [1.41 mi] [2.26 km]
  • John M and Ula H Payne House [1.39 mi] [2.23 km]
  • Hildreth-Flanagan-Heierman House [1.55 mi] [2.5 km]
  • W T and Clotilde V Williams House [1.46 mi] [2.35 km]
  • Peter and Clotilde Shipe Mansbendel House [1.45 mi] [2.34 km]
  • Frank M and Annie G Covert House [1.56 mi] [2.51 km]
  • Page-Gilbert House [1.57 mi] [2.53 km]
  • Zachary T and Sallie Lee Scott Senior House [1.43 mi] [2.31 km]
  • Rev Henry M and Jennie Sears House [1.31 mi] [2.1 km]
  • James F and Susie R Parker House [1.35 mi] [2.17 km]
  • Oliphant-Walker House [1.28 mi] [2.06 km]
  • Missouri Kansas and Texas Land Company House [1.33 mi] [2.13 km]
  • Charles P Ledbetter House [1.31 mi] [2.11 km]
  • Smith-Marcuse-Lowry House [1.34 mi] [2.16 km]


  • All Saints Episcopal Church [1.46 mi] [2.35 km]
  • Alpha On Campus Church [1.46 mi] [2.35 km]
  • Hill Country Bible Church [2.28 mi] [3.66 km]
  • Birkmann Chapel [2.28 mi] [3.68 km]
  • Presbyterian Resource Center [1.51 mi] [2.42 km]
  • Archives of the Episcopal Church [1.73 mi] [2.78 km]
  • Lutheran Church of Saint Paul [2.05 mi] [3.3 km]
  • Saint Paul Lutheran Church [2.07 mi] [3.32 km]
  • First English Lutheran Church [1.28 mi] [2.05 km]
  • Genesis Presbyterian Church [2.73 mi] [4.4 km]
  • Good Shepherd Episcopal Church [0.97 mi] [1.57 km]
  • Westlake United Methodist Church [4.02 mi] [6.46 km]
  • Alpha Seventh Day Adventist Church [4.04 mi] [6.5 km]
  • Church Iglesia de Christo [2.75 mi] [4.42 km]
  • Tarrytown Baptist Church [0.76 mi] [1.22 km]
  • Hillside Baptist Church [1.43 mi] [2.3 km]
  • Hyde Park Baptist Church [1.59 mi] [2.55 km]
  • Hyde Park United Methodist Church [1.46 mi] [2.35 km]
  • Assembly of God Grace Church [2.51 mi] [4.04 km]
  • Hope In the City Church [2.15 mi] [3.46 km]


  • City of West Lake Hills [3.3 mi] [5.31 km]
  • City of Austin [0.48 mi] [0.78 km]


  • Interchange 237A [2.47 mi] [3.97 km]


  • Tom Miller Dam [1.96 mi] [3.15 km]


  • Seton Hospital (historical) [1.3 mi] [2.09 km]
  • Seton League House [0.67 mi] [1.08 km]
  • Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas [2.92 mi] [4.69 km]


  • Shadow Lawn Historic District [1.59 mi] [2.56 km]
  • Hancock Shopping Center [2.25 mi] [3.62 km]


  • Eastwoods Park [1.85 mi] [2.98 km]
  • Fascholz-Keller Baseball Complex [2.22 mi] [3.57 km]
  • Bee Caves Preserve [2.29 mi] [3.68 km]
  • Adams Park [1.43 mi] [2.3 km]
  • Patterson Park [2.9 mi] [4.66 km]
  • Hemphill Park [1.29 mi] [2.08 km]
  • Bailey Park [0.66 mi] [1.06 km]
  • Bartholomew Park [3.6 mi] [5.8 km]

Populated Place

  • West Lake Hills [2.81 mi] [4.53 km]

Post Office

  • West Austin Post Office [0.96 mi] [1.55 km]


  • All Saints Episcopal Day School [1.46 mi] [2.35 km]
  • Concordia College [2.25 mi] [3.62 km]
  • Dill School [1.1 mi] [1.77 km]
  • Dill Special Programs School [1.12 mi] [1.8 km]
  • Maplewood Elementary School [2.66 mi] [4.28 km]
  • Robert E Lee School [1.97 mi] [3.17 km]
  • Lee Elementary School [1.94 mi] [3.13 km]
  • Maplewood School [2.67 mi] [4.29 km]
  • Saint Pauls School [2.14 mi] [3.45 km]
  • Good Shepherd Episcopal School [1.1 mi] [1.77 km]
  • Saint Marys Academy [2.05 mi] [3.3 km]
  • Saint Andrews School [0.6 mi] [0.96 km]
  • Casis Elementary School [0.62 mi] [1 km]
  • Robbins Academy [1.23 mi] [1.98 km]
  • Casis School [0.62 mi] [1.01 km]
  • Baker School [1.24 mi] [1.99 km]


  • Power House Spring [1.97 mi] [3.17 km]


  • Bee Creek [2 mi] [3.23 km]
  • Little Bee Creek [2.15 mi] [3.46 km]


  • Bee Creek Trail [2.36 mi] [3.8 km]
  • Red Bud [3.19 mi] [5.13 km]

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AustinBee Cave78734, 78738, 78736, 78733
AustinBee Caves78736, 78733, 78734, 78738
AustinBluff Springs78744
AustinBrushy Creek78717
AustinCamp Mabry78731
AustinCapital Natl Tx Commrc Bank78789
AustinCity Water And Light Dept78783
AustinDell Computers78754
AustinDept Of Public Safety78773
AustinFour Points78732
AustinHornsby Bend78725
AustinHudson Bend78734
AustinIrs Service Center73301, 73344
AustinJp Morgan Chase78780
AustinLakeway78738, 78734
AustinMarshall Ford78732
AustinMoores Crossing78719
AustinNcnb Nations Bank78781
AustinOak Hill78735, 78749, 78736
AustinPilot Knob78744
AustinSan Leanna78748
AustinSouthern Union Gas Company78785
AustinState Comptroller78774
AustinSunset Valley78745, 78735
AustinTexas Workforce Commission78778
AustinThe Hills78738
AustinThe University Of Texas78712
AustinTravis Heights78704
AustinTx Dept Of Motor Vehicles78779
AustinUniversity Of Texas78712
AustinVeterans Administration78772
AustinVillage Of The Hills78738
AustinVlg O The Hls78738
AustinWest Lake Hills78746
AustinWest Lake Hls78746
NacogdochesNacogdoches S F Austin Univ75962
NacogdochesS F Austin U75962
NacogdochesS F Austin Univ75962
NacogdochesSf Austin Univ75962
NacogdochesStephen F Austin Univ75962

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